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Frequently Asked Questions

Gala Sponsor/Guest Attendance

When will our firm be able to invite our guests?

You’ll receive an immediate confirmation of your sponsorship and within three business days you will receive ten Gala Ticket Codes, a dedicated URL and instructions for registering your event guests.

What will our guests receive?

You will send each of your guests a ticket code, link and instructions to register on the Toigo Gala website. Once registered, they will receive a confirmation email confirming their registration for the event.

What do we do if one of our guests cancels and we want to re-assign the ticket?

Email us at with the name on the guest cancellation. If you already have the name of the new guest, you can send that along. If not, you can use the ticket code you have and share it with your new guest. No code changes necessary.

We want to invite different plan sponsors as guests. What is the process?

Toigo welcomes Plan Sponsors as guests to the event. You may invite them as a guest to your table using the same steps outlined for other Sponsor Guests. However, we ask that you have your Plan Sponsor Guests register as quickly as possible to allow the Foundation to manage any overlapping invitations. If your Plan Sponsor must be a guest of the Foundation or if they are required to pay the fair market value for the event, please direct them to

Are there hotel accomodations?

Toigo has not secured room blocks with any hotels, however we have created a list of suggested hotel options, view list.

I have already registered, but I am now unable to attend the event.


Please reach out to to make modifications or changes.

Please note we will not be able to process cancellations after May 26.

Individual Attendees

If for any reason you are unable to attend after making your purchase, we are happy to convert your purchase into a 100% tax deductible contribution. Proceeds from this event support important Toigo  programming, including but not limited to the payment of Toigo Fellowships and leadership development efforts.

Please note we cannot process cancellations after May 26.

What will our guests receive?

You will send each of your guests a ticket code, link and instructions to register on the Toigo Gala website. Once registered, they will receive a confirmation email confirming their registration for the event.

Sponsor Benefits

Where do we send our logo? When and in what format?

Upload your logo using the upload button on your logo submission email. Please format as a 1:1 square logo with transparent background with a minimum file size of 1MB.

Where and when do we send our ad? When and in what format?

Gala Dinner advertising opportunities are available to Legacy Onward and Legacy level sponsors. 


Ads are full color and will be shown on-screen on the night of the show. Artwork should be in RGB format, saved as a PDF or JPG file, with a final image size of 300 dpi at 100%. Embed all fonts for PDF format; outline fonts if created in Illustrator, rasterize type if created in Photoshop. Do not include crop marks or border.

Final ads must be received no later than May 24.

What is the final day we can commit to being an Industry Dinner sponsor?

Sponsor opportunities close May 31. Sponsor opportunities/tables may be sold out prior to late May.

At what point during the program are sponsor firms recognized?

Sponsor ads will be shown on screen throughout the program.

When does the press release announcing key sponsors and speakers get published?

A few weeks prior to the event.


I’m a Fellow and would love to be placed at a firm table for the event—how does that happen?

Reach out to us at and we’ll work to make it happen.

I’d like my spouse/partner and/or a few friends to attend with me—can I buy their tickets with my Alumni discount?

The spirit of the Alumni (and Fellow) ticket pricing is to support those in the immediate Toigo network. You are eligible to purchase one additional ticket at the discount price*; however, all additional guests are required to purchase at the individual ticket price. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the Foundation and our continued work around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

*Subject to availability

Day of the Event

I can’t find my ticket—what do I do?

Look for your registration email, if you are not able to locate that, Toigo will have onsite support to assist guests with ticket issues.

What is the address?

The Glasshouse is located at 660 12th Avenue, New York City, NY, 10019.

What is the recommended attire for the Dinner?

Cocktail/Business Attire

What time do the doors open?

At 6:00 pm PT.

What time does the program begin?

We are scheduled for a 7:00 pm start time.

What time does the programming end?

Around 9:30-10:00 pm.

I have dietary restrictions.

All guests will have the opportunity to provide their dietary restrictions during the registration process. If you require additional assistance, please email Toigo at

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